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Sources Skhidnytsya

Springs Nr.25 and Nr. 26.

By the chemical compound  these are low mineralization hydrocarbonate  – sulphate – calcium – magnesium waters.  Specificity of the spring waters Nr.25 and Nr.26 is the content of organic substances in amount from 8,4 to ...

Spring №18-С

This is low mineralized, low alkaline, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium water, with weak scent of hydrogen sulfide, that comes out from the depth of 100 meters. It is recommended for stimulating the bile formation function of the liver.

Springs Nr. 13,15

The peculiarity of Skhidnytsia ferrous waters  is the presence of iron, not only in the form of bivalent cation but also as organic substances complex. Particularly, the part of ferrous complexes makes 36,6% in the ...

Springs Nr. 8,9,10.

Now they all are connected to the pump room. These waters are low alkaline (pH – 7,1), low mineralized , hydrocarbonade- calcium with increased amount of  silicon acid (from 28 to 37 mg/l), bivalent iron(1-2 ...

Spring №5

This is hydrocarbonate  – sodium – calcium water with organic substances. Toxic microelements( heavy metals, nitrogen components, pesticides) in this low mineralized water are much more below than allowed rate.