Thursday May 23rd, 2013

Healing springs of Skhidnytsya

Unlike to other “Naftusia” deposits, found in Carpathians”, Skhidnytsia water springs differ in microelements composition, which causes diversified effects, and strategic mean for treatment and  rehabilitation for people who live in polluted areas and also for Nuclear station workers.

On the territory of Skhidnytsia there are 38 springs and 17 water wells similar by their type to Naftusia. Multitude number of springs come out in the dale, on the hillsides of the mountains and in the forests that surround the dale. By the microelements compound the waters are separated into four types.

The waters of the first type of this group (especially spring Nr.18 the standard of “Naftusia” water type of Truskavets-Skhidnytsia deposit) highly efficient for people, who suffer from chronic hepatitis , cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, condition after cholecystotomy, and also influence on kidneys function. Other waters of this type are effective for secretory function of the kidneys and less effective for  biligenic function of liver.