Thursday May 23rd, 2013

Spring Nr.1

This is hydrocarbonate-sodium-calcium water. Its got the organic substances of alcoholic gums, humic substances, fulvic acids, and also individual specific physiological groups of microorganisms  that increase the medical effect.
Low mineralized water of Spring Nr.1has got urinary excretion effect, foster the mechanical elution and removal of small concrements, renal sand and products of inflammatory process(leukocytes, mucus, pus).

This water was one of the first to be studied. The scientists of Lviv Medical Univercity, Odessa research institute  of balneology and physiotherapy, and local doctors avice to use this water in case of urolithiasis ,chronic pyelonephritis, chronic pyelocystitis of non- tuberculosis  origin, lithogenic diathesis літогенних діатезах (urate, oxalaturia,  phosphaturia, xanthinuria), and also in case of diseases of biliary excretion system.
And to get the best effect from water we advice to walk as much as possible. This is the best addition to mineral water treatment: only during walking, the gastrocnemius muscles are contracted. They take the role of secondary pump, due to them the blood circulation of the whole organism is improved. This means that the stress on the heart is reduced, the amount of oxygen is increased, the cell nutrition is improved.