Thursday May 23rd, 2013

Springs Nr. 8,9,10.

Now they all are connected to the pump room. These waters are low alkaline (pH – 7,1), low mineralized , hydrocarbonade- calcium with increased amount of  silicon acid (from 28 to 37 mg/l), bivalent iron(1-2 mg/l), manganese (0,08mg/l) and silver scents.

The water that is drank in the pump room is rich for important medical organic substances, it’s got esters, amines, (від 3,8 до 6,2 mg/l) and individual specific physiological groups of microorganisms.
The waters of these springs help to increase the bile formation and exteriorize its acids. Additionally the level of cholesterol is reduced.  That’s why these waters are recommended during the liver diseases, bile ducts,  ( chronic cholecystites, gallstones, chronic hepatitis) and also during the pathology of urinary tracts, kidneys, (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis) During the effect of these waters the urinary excretion function intensifies dieresis is increased as well as the kidneys filtration function.