Thursday May 23rd, 2013

Spring Nr.2-С

The water comes out from the depth of 100 meters. Average mineralization, sode, alkaline, hydrocarbonate-sodium, with the increased microelements content: silicic acid – 35 mg/l, bromine – 0,5 mg/l,  iodine – 0,5 ml\l , organic substances – 13 mg/l

This soda water is assigned for treatment of stomach, intestine and duodenum (sore, chronic gastritis with increased and average acidity, gastroduodenitis). It is recommended to use it warmed up to temperature 35-45 degrees, during the evident pain syndrome.
Hydrocarbonate mineral waters are the natural antacids and provide the gastric juice acidity reduction.  As a result of neutralization of hydrochloric acid, the irritation influence of gastric content  on mucilaginous gastric layer and duodenum is reduced.
The way you consume the water: before eating or after, warm or cold, in what amount – it all depends on individual prescription.