Kalgan (alcohol drink with herb)

Ingredients: Kalgan (Potentilla erecta), a perennial herb 15-50 cm tall with thick short rhizomes.
In natural medicine, rhizomes are used in diseases of the stomach, kidneys, liver, as a styptic for internal bleeding, heart disease and lung, as well as scurvy.
Preparation of tincture at home:
Root tormentil pour 05 liters with high quality vodka and close it tightly. Keep it for 3-4 weeks in a dark place at room temperature
Take 15-20 drops up to 2-3 times dayly, 10-15 minutes before meal, for 10 days. Take a break for 7 days after repeat the course again.
It is recommended to add 10-15 drops to the tea in case hypersensitivity to alcohol.
Price:   40 UAH + shipping