Springs Nr. 13,15

The peculiarity of Skhidnytsia ferrous waters  is the presence of iron, not only in the form of bivalent cation but also as organic substances complex. Particularly, the part of ferrous complexes makes 36,6% in the water from spring Nr.13 and 62,3% in the water from spring Nr.15

It is experimentally determined that Skhidnytsia ferrous waters restore bone-marrow hematosis, haemoglobin composition, peripheral blood cellularity, serum iron concentration and histological configuration of duodenum with posthemorrhagic and postradiation anemias, wherewith absolutely differ from farmacological iron medicine, which restore first of all haemoglobin composition – the main link of iron exchange.

These waters especially help in exteriorizing the radionuclides out of organism;  it’s well-known  that iron preparation prevent the absorption of radionuclides by bone tissue and exteriorize them through gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. The restoration of  leuko and lymphopoiesis during inner and outer beaming under the influence of Skhidnitsya ferrous waters allows to suppose the assimilation of ferrous compounds by lymphocytes during the transformation to full-fledged plasma cells. At the same time the haemoglobin is restored and energetic and plastic metabolism in the organism is normalised. Skhidnytsia ferrous waters activate the exteriorizing of radioactive caesium out of organism.

There are no analogues for Skhidnytsia ferrous water springs in the Ukraine.